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Please join Retail Merchants for our new virtual series, RMA Conversations on Looking Forward as our community looks to the future. 

Each 45 minute, members-only session will welcome an industry leader to discuss key insights and emerging trends related to how the business community may navigate the next year. There will also be time allotted at the end of each session for Q&A.  

Katherine O'Donnell
Executive Vice President at Richmond Region Tourism

April 27, 9am

What types of travelers can businesses expect in the immediate future, and what is motivating them to come to our city? Katherine O’Donnell will be discussing the state of the tourism industry in the Greater Richmond Region, and how it is expected to evolve over the next year.  Additionally, Katherine will be discussing the launch of BLK RVA and the impacts that the events of last summer had on our community and tourism moving forward.  


Aaron Montgomery 
Entrepreneur, Investor and Author

May 4, 9am

Regardless of whether your business was deemed “essential” or your company has been remote for the past year, it’s been a hard year for businesses. Now more than ever, it’s important to take time to reflect on your organizational culture and leadership – where it is currently, and how it may evolve and strengthen in the coming year. Aaron Montgomery will bring his experience as an entrepreneur, founder, speaker, and author to offer insights on how to problem solve and strengthen your organizational culture – no matter the distance.   



Renee Haltom
Vice President and Regional Executive at Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. 

May 18, 9am

What will be the lasting effects on the job market, especially as we see women dropping out of it at such alarming rates? How will repeated stimulus packages impact the overall health of our economy and inflation. Renee will be bringing an economic perspective to what these types of stressors could mean for small businesses in the next year.  



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